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RESTABELL FRANQUICIAS S.L. (hereafter, RESTABELL), with CIF tax identification nº B-85325579, with registered office at Camino Cerro de los Gamos 1, Edif.3, Planta 2ª, 28224 – Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) and registered in the Commercial Register of Madrid, Volume 25.318, Page 1, Sheet M-455.921, informs you of the provisions regulating access and use of this website (hereafter, the Website or Portal) and the service which may be offered through it, recommending that you read them as each access and use entails the acceptance of such provisions.


This Portal has been created by RESTABELL for merely informative, entertainment and/or lucrative purposes. Access and/or browsing of the Portal attributes the visitor the condition of User. As User, you declare that you are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these conditions of use and access to the Portal.

The User expressly accepts, without exceptions, that the access and use of this Website, its services and the content of these services takes place under their sole and exclusive responsibility and commits to using the Portal, the content or services in compliance with the law, this legal notice, and the specific conditions of each one of the services, good customs and public order.

Likewise, the User is obligated to not use the Portal or the services offered through it for illicit purposes, contrary to the content of these general conditions, damaging to the rights and interests of RESTABELL or third parties, or which may in any way damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the website or the services or impede the normal use or enjoyment of the Portal by other Users.

The company owns the domain name and the internet page accessed though this domain

RESTABELL reserves the right to make changes to the Website without prior notice, in order to update, modify, correct, add or delete its content or its design.

In case of undertaking maintenance, update, repair or service improvement operations, RESTABELL has the right to temporarily suspend access to this website without prior warning, as well as the right of presentation or cancellation of services; notwithstanding this, it will try to communicate this to Users, provided that circumstances allow it.

RESTABELL makes the greatest efforts to prevent any error in the content which may appear on this Portal. RESTABELL does not guarantee or take responsibility for the consequences which may arise from errors in content which may appear on this Website, whether having been provided by RESTABELL itself or by third parties.

Notwithstanding the above, RESTABELL reserves the right, at any time and without prior warning, to deny access to the Portal to Users who do not comply with these general conditions of use or access or any other conditions contained in this Legal Notice.


Access to the Portal requires services and provisions of third parties, including transport over telecommunications networks whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation are not the responsibility of RESTABELL. Therefore, the services provided through the Portal may be suspended, cancelled or made inaccessible, prior to or during the provision of service on the Portal.

RESTABELL takes no responsibility for liquidated damages of any kind arising for the User caused by failures or disconnections on the telecommunications networks causing the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the Portal during or prior to its provision.

RESTABELL guarantees the veracity and authenticity of the information communicated and is also obligated to keeping this information updated. Additionally, by this means it is committed to not presenting misleading advertising (article 4 of Law 34/1998 of the 11th of November, General Advertising and developments included in Law 29/2009 of the 30th of December, modifying the legal system of unfair competition and advertising to improve consumer and User protection).

For these purposes, formal or numerical errors which may be found in the content of the different sections of the Website will not be understood as misleading advertising, occurring as a result of incomplete or faulty maintenance and/or update of the information in these sections. As a consequence of the content of this paragraph, it commits to correcting it as soon as possible.

The Portal offers Users technical linking mechanisms (such as links, banners, directories, etc. among others), which offer access to web pages or sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties, of which RESTABELL is not the owner and has no kind of link.

As a result, RESTABELL will not be responsible for the control or monitoring of content, therefore RESTABELL will assume no direct or indirect responsibility for these web pages or sites. The user must take extreme care in the evaluation and use of the information, content and services offered through these mechanisms.

RESTABELL is exempt from any liability which may be derived from the transmission of information between Users. Likewise, any statement or opinion shared and circulated on this Portal in chats, forums or by any other means and/or in relation with them, will be the exclusive responsibility of those making them.

It is prohibited to make any kind of transfer of data that Users may make to this Portal, through it or through other accesses controlled by RESTABELL, which violate the intellectual property rights of RESTABELL and/or third parties, as well as all transmissions whose content is illegal, immoral, slanderous, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or which may in any way cause damage or offence.

RESTABELL reserves the right to impede or prohibit access of any Internet User who enters any content on this Portal which is contrary to legal rules or which is immoral, reserving the right to undertake the legal measures it deems appropriate to prevent this kind of conduct.

The establishment of deep-links and/or frames with the pages of the RESTABELL Portal is expressly prohibited without express prior authorisation, as well as to make any false, imprecise or incorrect statements about the pages of the RESTABELL Portal or its services or content.

RESTABELL will not be liable for liquidated damages of any nature which may be due to the illegal, improper, inappropriate or unsuitable use that Users make of the Portal, its services or its content.

The User will be liable for the liquidated damages of any nature that RESTABELL may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of the User’s non-compliance with these conditions of use.


All content of the RESTABELL website, whether photographs, graphics, icons, technology, images, drawings, texts, audio, video, software, logos, design, source codes, links or other audiovisual or sound content, are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property regulations, in particular by Royal Legislative Decree 1/96, approving the Consolidated Text of the Intellectual Property Law and set out in its section II, and by the Trademark Act 17/2001, particularly by its article 34. Rights over the content belong to RESTABELL, or if applicable, third parties.

In no case does access to the Portal imply the assignment, transfer or any other kind of waiving, whether full or partial, of the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights, or of any other ownership or Right related with the Portal and the services offered through it, or grant any right of use, alteration, adaptation, copying, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or communication of the content or distinguishing sings subject to intellectual or industrial property, without express prior written authorisation specifically granted for this purpose by RESTABELL or the third party that owns the rights. The User of the Portal must refrain from deleting, altering, circumventing or manipulating any protection mechanism or security system which may be installed on it.

The User will only have the right to view the content of the Portal for free, personal use, without being able to use it for commercial or business purposes, having to exercise these rights in accordance with the principles of good faith and applicable legislation.

In the case of any User or a third party considering a violation of their legitimate rights to have occurred through the introduction of certain content on the Portal, they must immediately report this circumstance to RESTABELL.

Users who voluntarily provide images or other graphic or multimedia information to RESTABELL simultaneously freely provide the right of its reproduction during the time this material remains on the web server. In any case, RESTABELL does not contract any obligation to the user with regard to this information, reserving the right to delete it at any time and without prior notification.


Access to the Portal does not entail RESTABELL’s obligation to check the veracity, preciseness, suitability, pertinence, exhaustiveness or timeliness of the information provided through it. RESTABELL takes not responsibility for decisions made based on information provided on the Portal or the liquidated damages to Users or third parties due to actions based solely on information obtained on the Portal.


Access to the Portal does not entail RESTABELL’s obligation to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other kind of harmful computer element. The User is in all cases responsible for having suitable tools for detecting and removing harmful computer programs.

RESTABELL is not liable for damages caused to computer equipment of Users or third parties during provision of the service of the Portal.

RESTABELL is at the service of all Users for improving the content and services of the Portal. If you have any suggestion or proposal, do not hesitate to contact us by email at


In accordance with Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, consumers are offered the following electronic link to the online dispute resolution platform:


These General Conditions are interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation.

For any litigious matter arising from the existence, access, use or content of the General Conditions, both the User and RESTABELL, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction which may apply to them, subject themselves to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the residence of the consumer in accordance with article 90.2 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of the 16th of November, approving the consolidated text of the General Law for Consumer and User Protection and other complementary laws.