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Since 1962, when Taco Bell opened its first international restaurant in Guam, its policy has been to expand around the world, a policy that has resulted in over 6.000 restaurants in the United States and more than 500 restaurants worldwide.



It was in our country where Taco Bell first landed in Europe, opening our first restaurant in December 2008 in the Islazul Shopping Centre (Madrid). Taco Bell’s menu takes its inspiration from Tex-Mex food and relies on top quality ingredients that provide a wide variety of flavours, aromas and textures.



MORE FLAVOUR: we bring more flavour to life, giving a twist to Tex-Mex food and creating experiences to surprise and delight you.
MORE HEART: we put heart into everything we do.
MORE VALUE: we give you more than you expect.


When the Second World War ended, Glen Bell left the United States Marine Corps and returned to his home in San Bernardino, where in 1946 he began working at a hot dog stand. This was how he learned the business, at Bell’s Drive-in. In 1952 he began to perfect his business, by adding alternative products to his menu, specifically tacos, with which he experimented until finding the perfect ingredients and proportions. He then decided to expand his business. First he rented a stand in the town of Barstow, and between 1954 and 1955, he built three Taco Tia stands in San Bernardino, Redlands and Riverside. It was 1962 when Glen Bell took the business in a new direction, building the first Taco Bell in Downey. Kermit Becky, a former Los Angeles police officer, purchased the first Taco Bell franchise in 1964. It was a new era for Glen Bell: “Once we reached 100 restaurants, things changed for me”.

In 1978 Glen sold the 868 Taco Bell restaurants to PepsiCo Inc. Today, Taco Bell has over 6,000 establishments in the USA and over 500 around the world, undergoing a phase of great expansion and entering new markets.

In 1991, Taco Bell established its vision of offering Taco Bell “at any time and place people are hungry”, starting its Express commercial activity. Thus, compact posts, kiosks and restaurants of the Taco Bell brand began to appear in airports, petrol stations, retail stores, cinemas, stadiums and schools, etc.)


Casual Brands Group was the company chosen by Yum Brands (owner of the Taco Bell brand and other renowned brands such as Pizza Hut and KFC) to bring Taco Bell to our country. Spain was the first European country in which Taco Bell was established, and our first restaurant opened its doors in December 2008 at the Islazul Shopping Centre in Madrid.

The menu of Taco Bell products is inspired by Tex-Mex cuisine with the highest quality ingredients, providing a wide variety of flavours, aromas and textures.

Thanks to our wide variety of products, you can visit often and try something different each time, the products always being freshly prepared with an original combination of fresh and spiced ingredients.


Helpful. We serve others with an “I can do that” attitude. We aim to surprise and delight and resolve issues respectfully and compassionately.

Understanding. We strive to understand and deliver on the needs of our customers, each other and business partners.

Never settle. We aim to make the customer experience better at every visit and always stay true to our core value of serving safe, high-quality food that’s craveable and affordable.

Grateful. We say thank you and mean it. We are passionate about appreciating what makes each of us unique to each other and our customers.

Relentless. We strive to be the best at everything we do and we don’t let anything get in the way of doing what is right. We make sure everyone feels welcome and included.

Youthful spirit. We are an active part of our communities. We believe in all people, are inspired by tomorrow’s leaders and help them pursue their passions and dreams.